The After Hours General Practitioners Clinic Waterland is meant  to provide general practitioners care during the evening, in the weekends and during public holidays.

Your own family doctor’s clinic is open during the week from 08:00 to 17:00. If you do need urgent care of a doctor outside these times, u need to call The After Hours General Practitioners Clinic. Emergency means that the care of a doctor cannot wait until your own doctor’s clinic is open.
Related to the applied procedures, you cannot be served at The After Hours General Practitioners Clinic, without an appointment.



First call! Don’t go on your own initiative without an appointment to The After Hours General Practitioners Clinic.

The After Hours General Practitioners Clinic in Waterland has merged with the first aid department of the Waterland hospital at the end of April 2005. This means that there is 1 front office and 1 telephone number for all forms of emergency care. At present this cooperation relates only to outside office hours, you can see your own GP at his clinic during the day.

For directions to the General Practioners Clinic, a map of the surrounding area and the parking policy on the hospital site, click here.


Waterlandlaan 250
1441 RN Purmerend

Opening hours:
on business days between 17.00 – 8.00 hrs.
on sat-, sun- and public holidays 24 hrs.